GFEM Network TV is dedicated to helping churches reach the world on a global level
We can now reach the world together in Jesus name
Pastor Lockett understand that ministries large and small share the same calling as it relates to the word of God. God’s call for us to reach the world with his message of Redemption, Salvation and Power is summed up by the simplicity of one word, Go. In my attempt to fulfill thisGreat Commission in Matthew 28:16-20 I have with great prayer and seeking the Lord, trust by faith the vision given me.
Pastor Lockett is the founder of Global Family Empowerment Ministries Network TV (GFEM Network TV) This network is the catalyst being used to reach the world on a global level. Your partnership is pivotal to our growth and without your ministry broadcasting on our network this blessing to so many souls will be lost.
MyStreamVideo.Live  Programming Solutions streaming experience coupled with our robust content delivery network has made us the ideal choice to help us deliver, manage, and monetize media content on all popular platforms, including PC/Mac, iOS devices, Android, Blackberry, Nokia, Smart TV and set-top boxes such as Roku.   


My dear friend, this book is written to help you have a more in-depth reality about the walls we face, that are strongholds placed in our path to hinder us. But it is also about the power of a Sovereign God that gives us victory to fight the good fight of faith that produces our kingdom inheritance on earth and the one to come.
No one loves pain but it’s the catalyst needed to move us towards our destiny. Integrity as a kingdom builder states that my moral and ethical frame of mind is Christ like. But I must exercise my faith in order to have the supernatural stamina as one called to serve