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The Founders' Bible (Heirloom Edition)

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The Heirloom Edition showcases a richly tanned, deep-cinnamon brown Lux Leather binding. It’s extremely durable, with beautiful rounded corners, handcrafted gold foil textured imprints on both the cover and spine, which feature distinctive debossing, genuine perimeter, hand-stitching, and the more formal gold gilded edging. The Heirloom Edition will be a cherished family treasure for generations. Each copy comes individually shrink-wrapped in an exquisite presentation slipcase that captures the beauty of the commissioned cover artwork and also provides a safe resting space for your Bible when not in use.

Additional Elements
An exquisitely designed opening four-color Family Tree of Life section for recording:

  • Your Family Ancestry—both father’s and mother’s lineage
  • Significant family events
  • Family’s spiritual journey
  • Ancestors of interest

Our Founding Documents—32 beautifully designed and illustrated two-color pages, including:

  • The Declaration of Independence
  • The Constitution of the United States
  • The Bill of Rights and later amendments